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Peter & Eddie — Minted
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Peter and Eddie

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

34 days until the big day!

Our Story

Picture it. Italy, 2024. An ancient Italian villa, on a hilltop overlooking the surrounding vineyards and olive groves with a medieval walled village in the far distance. Under the setting Tuscan sun, amidst the sweet smell of jasmine drifting on the twilight air, an Irish guy and a Peruvian guy hold hands and profess their everlasting love for one another saying “I do” in front of their beloved immediate and chosen family. And so, begins the next chapter for Peter and Eddie.

Originally from Belfast, N. Ireland, Peter is the youngest of six siblings from Bell and Peter. He moved to London after completing his Fashion Design degree in Belfast to continue his studies at Central St. Martins. A few years later as a new millennium approached, La Dolce Vita beckoned when he was offered a job in Milan for Krizia then Versace, beginning a long love affair with Italy. This is where he discovered his love of other cultures, exploring Italy at every opportunity like Marco Polo, only with better shoes and without the elephants. He particularly enjoyed sharing his adventures with his family and fondly remembers a Versace fashion show after party where his Mum was dancing as Boy George DJ'ed while a sibling, who shall remain nameless, was berating him to play some Celine Dion (which of course he didn't have), although they did make peace in the end. He only left Italy because an opportunity arose in Amsterdam to help build Tommy Hilfiger Europe, so Peter moved to the Dutch capital in 2005. Two years later he followed his own Carrie and Miranda to New York to see if there really was any Sex in the City. And just like that, fifteen years later he found his Mr. Big in wee Eddie. During the pandemic, Peter went back to school graduating the week after Eddie with a Masters in Sustainability from Harvard.

Eddie was born in Lima, Peru. The youngest of three kids from Nelly and Florentino. The consummate student, he graduated with a degree in Economics and started his career in risk management. During his first job he had the opportunity to travel frequently for work, and this experience nurtured his love for travelling and learning about new countries and cultures. A lover of languages, he first ventured to Europe in the early 2000’s landing in London and later living in Bournemouth to improve his English. He returned to Europe in 2006 to research universities and decided upon pursuing his MBA degree in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which he began the following year. He did the last term of the MBA program in Toronto, and while living there he had the opportunity to visit New York and immediately thought he could never live there! After finishing his MBA studies, he moved to Amsterdam in 2009 to begin his career with ING Bank, and he transferred to New York a few years later when offered a position in the ING offices in America. Eddie is an avid traveler, and Italy is the country Eddie’s visited most often, visiting once a year. A lover of science and a life learner, as a side project, in 2017 Eddie started a second degree in Neuroscience & Behaviour at Columbia, while working full-time, and graduated with his degree in 2022.

Although we were often ships passing in the night, living and visiting the same cities at different times, we finally met digitally in August 2020 during the summer window between lockdowns. We had our first in-person date over plastic kindergarten-like strawed servings of wine shortly afterward on 11th August, at Wolf & Deer in Park Slope. Three years later we decided to lock it down permanently after a quiet conversation where we realized we’d both been thinking about asking the other but weren’t sure who should ask who and when. So, rather than waiting a moment longer, Peter asked Eddie there and then in the middle of the rooftop bar of the Harvard Club in New York and then celebrated Eddie’s acceptance by toasting with a glass of champagne to seal the deal.

For our first year together, it was a tale of two states as we trekked the garden path between the Garden State - New Jersey, and New York, via the Path Train. The ocean-like divide of the Hudson River separated us too much and so the following year Eddie moved in with Peter at Park Slope, Brooklyn. Since, he has taken to the area like a New Yorker to brunch and it’s where we’re planning our happily ever after and we are delighted that you are a part of our story.


Please use this hashtag when posting any photos so we, and other guests, can see your photos. You can also follow this hashtag so you can see when new photos are posted. We will also create a Shared Album and invite you and your party to join closer to the time, so it is important to send us your contact information like home addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses to make sure our information is up to date. And, so you can still be a part of our wedding even if you are unable to attend.